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mission statement

PPK is devoted to fostering a culture that is welcoming, supportive, and merit-driven for everyone: regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, life experiences, personal challenges, age, or worldview. Embracing diverse viewpoints and unique talents helps us develop innovative approaches, bring life to new ideas, and create an impact within these walls and throughout our community.



Unite & Give Back

With a hands-on approach, PPK thrives on supporting the community. We’re proud to call Tampa Bay our home, and believe in showing gratitude by sharing our time and resources with those in need.


Community Investment

Business Highlights

PPK is committed to shedding light on organizations rooted in history and impactful change. The extraordinary voices of creativity often hold a vital connection to empowerment. PPK will always prioritize listening to and featuring the untold and overlooked stories of true game changers.

SACA Golden Dragons

What started in 2015 as a modest dragon boat club in Tampa, has evolved into a nationwide community dedicated to celebrating and preserving Asian cultural traditions. SACA’s mission is that of passion, determination, and camaraderie as they paddle together through dragon boat festivals, world championships, and beyond. Throughout their performances, festivals, and outreach programs, their unity amidst diversity underpins their spirit, defining them as a formidable force both on the water and in the local community.


Madame Fortune Dessert + HiFi Parlour

Madame Fortune Dessert + HiFi Parlour pays homage to Madame Fortune Taylor, a formerly enslaved woman who lived on over 30 acres in Tampa after the Civil War. Alongside her husband, she cultivated citrus trees and sold mouthwatering baked goods. When her husband passed away, the former Mayor, Edward A. Clark, stepped in to help Mrs. Taylor secure full ownership of her land, which played a significant role in shaping the City of Tampa.


La Segunda

The rich history of La Segunda Central Bakery dates back to the late 19th Century, when Juan Moré, a soldier in the Spanish-American War, developed an unwavering passion for authentic Cuban bread. During his time in Cuba, Moré stumbled upon a traditional Cuban bread recipe that left a lasting impression on him. Driven by his love for this culinary treasure, he established the bakery in Ybor City, Florida, fulfilling his lifelong dream.


Rose Dynasty Foundation

Drag Queen Momma Rose established the Rose Dynasty Foundation with a clear objective: to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion. This mission is pursued through activities such as mentorship, fundraising, community building, and the dissemination of resource awareness.


The Studio@620

The Studio@620, founded in 2004 by David Ellis and Bob Devin Jones, values art and diversity in both individual and community life. Over the years, it has hosted spoken word events, film festivals, art exhibitions, and theatrical productions. Today, it supports emerging artists, facilitates social justice discussions, organizes book launches, and presents staged readings of new plays.


Black Stock Footage

Imani Lee & Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy founded Black Stock Footage to address the demand for increased Black representation in stock footage. Their platform provides authentic cinematic videos showcasing the diverse experiences of everyday Black individuals from different cultural backgrounds. By offering access to this footage, they aim to educate and empower customers, allowing video creators to reshape the narrative and promote inclusivity.


Pasta Packs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pasta Packs was created to bring joy to homes through their homemade pasta dishes. Chef Nic, who was facing unemployment, decided to start the company and provide everything needed to make delicious meals in the convenience of your own kitchen.


Blue Sage Boutique

Blue Sage Boutique was an eco-friendly e-commerce store that sold environmentally-conscious apparel and handmade candles sourced from small American companies that prioritized quality and sustainability. They catered to individuals conscious of their ecological impact, providing valuable information about product ingredients and promoting sustainable practices.

My Shade and Texture

Pamela Thompson, an ambitious entrepreneur, achieved her lifelong aspiration of owning a beauty supply store, My Shade and Texture, in 2019. Thompson's primary goal is to provide representation and empowerment to individuals who share her skin tone and hair texture. Today, her store offers a wide array of beauty products and services, while also creating opportunities for other small business owners, particularly within her community.



Unite & Be Proud

PPK’s “Unite & Be Proud” campaign goes beyond client work to leverage the agency’s creative resources for meaningful action during Pride Month. For three consecutive years, PPK has designed and sold a Pride Month merchandise line, with all proceeds supporting local LGBTQ+ charities. In previous years, we donated all proceeds to Tampa Pride and St. Pete Pride. This year, the proceeds were donated to the Rose Dynasty Foundation, a well-established community organization in the Tampa Bay area that aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals, irrespective of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion.

Vax Collection

PPK had launched the Vax Collection, a range of designs inspired by pop culture, to acknowledge the hard work of individuals fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally intended as gifts for office employees, these designs were made available to the public to promote vaccine trust and encourage eligible individuals to get vaccinated. In response to the increasing number of cases in the local area, PPK redirected its efforts towards supporting healthcare workers in the Tampa Bay region by utilizing the sales proceeds from the collection.

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