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It’s all work—and all play. That’s called loving what you do.

Unite & Take Over

At PPK you get what you put in. The fun environment balances the hustle and grit you’ll bring every day. We enjoy the fact this business is no cakewalk and we take pride in outworking our competition. We’re ok being a bit of an underdog.

Because big ideas, flawless production, and unbreakable partnerships don’t just happen.

Working here is pretty fun. Not quite skydiving-instructor-fun, but close. Better insurance, too, probably.


Culture is everything, that’s why we offer industry-leading benefits, a work environment where you can get the most out of your individual abilities, and a company-wide attitude that we can have fun while we work hard.

Health Benefits

We pay 100% of your medical, dental, disability and life insurance premiums. That’s not a misprint. We cover 100%. We also offer competitive plans for vision, accident, critical illness, and more. This comes in really handy. Because, ya know, life happens.

Personalized Growth

We believe when people love where they work, they make work they love. So we pay for certain training, seminars and conferences that allow you to enhance your skills and pursue your passions. It’s that whole work-life-balance thing, without all the empty promises.

Paid Time Off

We offer 3 weeks of paid time off per year at the start. And since we want you to stay a while, we offer additional days to those who stick with us long-term.

Retirement Benefits

We match 40% on the dollar up to the first 5%. Putting you on the path to a happy retirement.
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