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¡Se habla* español!

By: Ivan Gonzalez

Yes, we speak Spanish at PPK! Actually, we’ve been engaging with the Hispanic market for more than four years now. You might say, that sounds easy— anyone could do it, right? Right? Well, anyone can use Google Translate. But it takes more than a translation tool to communicate your message accurately, persuasively, and with the right amount of heart.

Communicating your brand’s singular mission, goals, and value proposition can involve an unexpected level of nuance when speaking to the Hispanic market. Spanish is a rich and beautiful language, but it’s also a precise one. If you don’t use it correctly your message could be easily misunderstood. The right word, the right accent, or the right verb tense are just some of the details you need to pay close attention to when writing to and speaking with your audience.

Now, if you also consider the many different Spanish variations we have in the United States and the cultural insights carried with each one, the task gets more and more complex. But worry not, because PPK knows exactly how to communicate any message your brand needs to express. Just how we’ve been doing for our current clients.

Focusing on, talking directly to, and connecting with the Hispanic market all create significant opportunities for your brand. Consider that there are around 60.5 million Hispanics (give or take) living in the United States, representing 18.4 percent of the U.S. total population. That’s a lot of consumers your brand might be missing out on right now!

So, if it’s time for your brand to start talking and connecting with this constantly-growing group, feel free to contact PPK. We know how to do it and we really love doing it!

*Speak, write, appreciate and really understand Spanish.
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