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PPK Walks Away Victorious in the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards

The MUSE Creative and Design Awards, leading competitions that honor creative and design professionals, have released the list of winners for its second competitive season of 2023. The awards saw as many as 6,500 entries submitted from across the world, all vying for a chance to be honored as a MUSE.

In 2023, PPK walked away victorious with 5 Golds and 7 Silvers for our work with Florida Lottery, Bare Naked Kitchen, Rose Dynasty Foundation, and more.

Florida Lottery | Branded Content - Game/Application & Website - Games/Games-Related

Gull Invaders

The assignment was to introduce the Florida 300X the Cash scratch-off game as a unique and desirable product. The strategy focused on showcasing its Florida-specific appeal by using a showdown between a player and seagulls as a metaphor for friendly competition. The execution included a TV spot and an arcade-style game called "Gull Invaders" where players protected their tickets from seagulls. The campaign attracted tens of thousands of participants, resulting in over 3,690,000 tickets sold and net sales exceeding $110 million. It was truly a case of a game helping a game. And the only birds that were harmed in the process were of the digital variety.

Rose Dynasty Foundation | Video - Diversity & Inclusion / Cinematography

Unite & Be Proud

PPK's "Unite & Be Proud" campaign goes beyond client work to leverage the agency's creative resources for meaningful action during Pride Month. For three consecutive years, PPK has designed and sold a Pride Month merchandise line, with all proceeds supporting local LGBTQ+ charities. This year, the proceeds were dedicated to the Rose Dynasty Foundation, a well-established community organization in the Tampa Bay area that aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals, irrespective of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion.

Black Stock Footage | Video - Diversity & Inclusion / Cinematography

Black Stock Footage

Black Stock Footage, founded by Imani Lee & Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy, emerged to address the growing demand for increased Black representation in the stock footage landscape. Their mission is to educate and empower customers with authentic cinematic videos that showcase the diverse experiences of everyday Black people from different cultural backgrounds. Through their tech platform, they provide access to stock footage that amplifies Black representation, empowering current and future generations of video creators to reshape the narrative and foster a more inclusive world.

Bare Naked Kitchen | Video - Restaurant / Food & Beverage / Cinematography

Eat Adventurously

Our project presents a cinematic film showcasing Bare Naked Kitchen’s unique ingredients. Portions of this video were filmed at a local farm, within the restaurant, and on custom studio sets. Embark on a sensory journey celebrating authentic flavors and ingredients, beautifully woven into a cinematic experience. From farm to table, our visuals highlight the globally inspired ingredients behind each dish. Join us in this exploration of nature, innovation, and culture, inviting you to indulge in a world of tastes. Bare Naked Kitchen invites you to Eat Adventurously.

Pasta Packs | Video - Diversity & Inclusion / Cinematography

Pasta Packs

Pasta Packs emerged amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by a heartfelt purpose to craft cherished moments at home with their hand-rolled fresh pasta dishes. Chef Nic, facing a layoff, took the initiative to establish the company, providing all the essentials for preparing delightful meals right in the comfort of your kitchen. From classic creamy fettuccine to mouthwatering spaghetti and meatballs, Pasta Packs offers a diverse range of options. The thoughtfully chosen ingredients, including fresh parsley, zesty lemon, and aromatic garlic, create an engaging and enjoyable cooking experience that appeals to all five senses.

Florida Lottery | Social Media - Ad Campaign

Scratch Factor Livestream

With the highest top prize of any Scratch-Off ever, 500X THE CASH is the most extreme Scratch-Off in Lottery history. Promotions for this unprecedented ticket had to measure up. We found three contestants who were willing to take on extreme challenges, and face their fears just to scratch the Florida Lottery’s extraordinary tickets. All live, on Facebook. Our players maneuvered around fully-grown pythons, crunched on crispy crickets, dug deep into a tank of 30,000 mealworms, and reached blindly into unknown spaces to rescue as many tickets as they could. The Florida Lottery leveraged disruptive brand storytelling to help players imagine: what would they do for their chance at $25 million?

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