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PPK has been the AOR for The Florida Lottery since 2016, developing full scope campaigns for their draw and scratch-off games and education efforts across platforms.

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    Florida Lottery

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    Microsite Design
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keeping the ball rollin'

Approaching its 30th year of existence, the Florida Lottery was the third-largest lottery in the U.S., but signs of stagnation were evident.

more players = more fun

The decline in sales of $1 and $2 scratch-off tickets, as well as sales for terminal games like Powerball going mainly flat or declining, fewer people were playing on a regular basis.


A new persona

By transforming the personality of the Lottery from passive-imagining to the thrill and immediacy of active play, we could increase the base of players.

Research showed that excitement of play and the possibility of winning even small prizes were some of the top player motivators.

Providing fun and excitement for all who play, we helped players make the most out of their ticket. 

And, more importantly, make playing the lottery more of a regular thing.

With so many unique games and prizes, there is a ticket out there for every player waiting to be played.


national trendsetters

• Recall of the Florida Lottery has trended up, increasing from 65% in FY16 to 71% in FY19 and 74% in FY20

• Shattered the single-week Scratch-Off sales records nationally, with $123.8 million in Scratch sales in 2018.

• In FY19, the Florida Lottery achieved $7.3 billion in sales, the strongest year in 5 years Up 8.9% YOY (+15% increase in scratch sales)

  • $7.3

    Billion in Sales

  • 15%

    increase in scratch sales

  • $123.8

    Single-Week Scratch-Off Sales Record

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