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The Vax Collection Celebrates Science And Helps Healthcare Workers


Thanks to some amazing doses of science, a lot of us are enjoying the world we knew pre-pandemic. People are off the couch and now inside restaurants, bars, and gyms again. There are fewer masks inside grocery stores and more people packed at concerts.

But, are we back?


Or are we destined to work from home forever? With the recent increase in coronavirus numbers, it’s our duty to protect ourselves and those around us. So we created the Vax Collection which celebrates science and salutes those doing their part to help end the pandemic. 

These designs were inspired by pop-culture with the hopes to normalize the trust for the vaccines. With the recent rise of cases, we encourage anyone eligible for the vaccines to go get their shots. 

The full Vax Collection is available for purchase in our Bonfire store. Proceeds from sales will be used to benefit local healthcare workers in the Tampa Bay community.

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