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Case Study

Florida Lottery's PICK Daily Games

The Florida Lottery launched a campaign that celebrates the volume of winning, as Pick Games keep adding more and more winners each day. Not only do Pick Games give out an average of over $900,000 in daily prizes, but there’s been more than 52 million winning tickets and counting.

Case Study

PPK Helps Launch Florida’s Newest “Fresh Casual” Concept

Bare Naked Kitchen was a start-up restaurant concept that sought to live somewhere between fast casual and casual dining. PPK was asked to craft a brand identity and bring Bare Naked Kitchen to life. While the brand is made-from-scratch, it is built for growth, and the starting line was a name and a client leadership team full of passion and ideas.


PPK Wins Prestigious National Radio Mercury Award

PPK was one of only 20 winners to be honored at the esteemed 2022 National Radio Mercury Awards Show at Sony Hall in New York. This is the most renowned competition in the world for radio and is the only national creative competition that is exclusively devoted to this medium.

We are an independent agency focused on driving our clients' bottom lines. No buzzwords. No bullshit. Just a roll-up-our-sleeves mentality and a desire to create authentic, human connections with clients & consumers.

We are Brand Planners Account Managers Media Strategists Social Media Experts Editors & Animators Photographers Full Stack Developers all devoted to planning, creating and placing the best work for our clients.

Smart work is dangerous, and that’s ok. Because smart work captivates and drives action through differentiation. We just so happen to be experts at finding the white space.


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