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PPK has partnered with Tires Plus for over 13 years, developing TV, radio, digital and national in-store POP for a network of over 2,200 Bridgestone Retail locations. As one of America’s largest tire and automotive retailers, operated by Bridgestone Retail Operations.

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    Rebranding Strategy
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An integrated approach to reach consumers in the automotive space.

In 2017, Tires Plus was entering a downward trend that was projected to be the industry status quo for two to three years due to the amount of new cars on the road.

In an industry of parity products, we looked for unexpected ways to promote core service offerings of tires, brakes, batteries, and oil.

take the wheel

Waiting for the post-warranty bubble to burst, Tires Plus tasked PPK with re-positioning the brand platform brand for future growth.



PPK worked to build a strategic foundation guided by the largest research undertaking in the company’s history—all built around knowing the customer better than any other Tires and Car Care Retailer in the industry. What we found through this research endeavor was that beyond the understandable over-indexing of consumers’ distrust and skepticism in this category, we found a new nugget of consumer insight that was previously unearthed. 


This universal truth is that overwhelmingly, people who rely on auto repair shops and retailers feel a genuine lack of control when it comes to the care of their own vehicle. In fact, the large majority of people actually feel taken advantage of and left in the dark. 

So, we used this insight as the central force behind our new Tires Plus brand positioning — “Car care that puts you in the driver’s seat.”


In the driver's seat

The campaign launched in second half 2018 through a nearly 100% digital approach to reaching the consumer and bringing them through the conversion funnel. This work is being used throughout online video, direct mail, OOH, social, and their website.

  • 52%

    Increase in ad recall

  • 1,000%

    Increase in brand interest and search from online video

  • 30%

    Decrease in cost per visit

  • 15%

    Increase in brand lift (annual category goal is 1% for unaided awareness)

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