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Pinch A Penny is America's largest franchised retail pool supply and service company. Each year they do a campaign with ads airing quarterly to promote their seasonal sale events.

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Hopeful for success in what would be uncertain times.

When planning for the 2020 pool season, our client wanted a new campaign that was attention-getting, celebrated the pool, and demonstrated how, with Pinch A Penny’s products, services and expert advice, customers could really get the most out of it. Unknown to both agency and client was that the campaign would air against the backdrop of COVID lockdowns.


Pool Dad

Our work for Pinch A Penny has always highlighted how they make pool ownership as fun as it should be, so we took this ease of backyard maintenance to its logical conclusion: The worry-free Pool Patriarch.

We created a dad character who is enchanted at how easy the products from Pinch A Penny make maintaining the perfect pool. And his confidence and excitement shows.

We developed a series of scripts with other family members as the foil to Dad’s enthusiasm. Short vignettes dramatizing his full command of the family’s backyard pool world.

In casting, we found the perfect mustached actor. He was someone who could play up the character’s big personality while still being someone pool owners could root for.

And we commissioned a quirky original score that helped keep the playfulness of the stories going under the art cards at the end.


a dad many could relate to.

The work, filmed well in advance of 2020, took on a new significance during the lockdowns. Many pool owners suddenly found themselves working poolside and the fun of Pool Dad’s stay-at-home world really resonated. The result was an amazing 18% lift year over year in sales as the campaign drove the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter promotional periods.

  • 18%

    Increase in Sales

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