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Our friends at PDQ decided it was time to turn up the heat on the Chicken Wars by introducing a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. We were then tasked with introducing this tasty new contender to the world. How’d we do it? Through super-smart media placements, a fully-integrated campaign, and the knowledge that PDQ is Better.

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Spicy Chicken is Everywhere.

Every Quick-Service Restaurant has their own Spicy Chicken Sandwich. So how do we stand out in a world cluttered with chicken?


PDQ is Better

Openly and aggressively communicate the superior ingredients, quality, and appearance of their spicy sandwich compared to the competition.


PDQ’s success can be attributed to their dedication to quality. And after trying the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, things were clear. This is real chicken. Real spices. Real heat. The amalgamations of our taste buds came to a single thought, PDQ is Better. Not only does it taste better, but it also looks better. To activate this messaging, we decided to use our competitor’s media placements against them. 


We used some market-level media intel to run digital OOH placements in-rotation on the same boards as our competitors who were also slinging their versions of the chicken sandwich. And used Twitter to extend the reach of our competitive banter.


In addition to the games of cat-n-mouse with our competitors, we ran a fully-integrated campaign that reached consumers through multiple touch points. We utilized high-impact digital ads, in-store signage, mouth-watering social media content and local community activations where firefighters were put to the test while sampling the heat of our new Spicy Chicken Sandwich. 


With the help of our marketing efforts, PDQ sold nearly 275,000 Spicy Chicken Sandwiches during the promotion period. They accounted for 6% of total sales and outperformed all previous PDQ LTO’s. But most importantly, this sandwich did so well and is so loved that it is no longer an LTO and has become a permanent menu item. 

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