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PPK won the Florida Lottery in October 2016. In that time, we have sold more than tickets, we’ve sold the dream of a better life.

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    Florida Lottery

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    Microsite Design
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Making cents of playing responsibly.

The Players Guide is a new microsite from the Florida Lottery that serves as a one-stop-shop for everything a player needs to know to play and win responsibly.


Claim it. Responsibly, of course.

Components of the site including how to play, an explanation of odds, budgeting tips, documents needed to claim prizes, and other tips on how to play and win responsibly.

Playing Responsibly

The first part of the “Guide” is the concept of playing responsibly, which is a very broad and sensitive subject. At its core, we are asking players to budget their discretionary income and only play with money that they can afford to lose.

Winning Responsibly

We needed to be very careful not to come across as preachy. The word “guide” softens the language and spins the topic in a way that we are assisting them with making good decisions, rather than lecturing them.

Managing Winnings

pop quiz

Quizzes proved to be beneficial in not only engaging the user but in reinforcing the information found on the site and providing insight to the viewers’ lottery playing behaviors. The quizzes were carefully designed to keep the user clicking and learning.

meaningful choices

Every user interaction is obviously confirmed, using scale and color to visually distinguish what the user has selected, and queue where to click next. With the submission of each question selection, the user is provided with instant feedback to either reinforce the accuracy of their answer or to correct and provide information about what was wrong with the answer.

Florida Inspired

Imagery and textures inspired by the sunshine state left a memorable impact for viewers.

Player's Guide Logo


A clean, bold logo with a standout first impression.

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