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Serenity Now!

By: Pat Floyd

May 2021. Still working at home. For me that means an ever-growing child that went from crawling and babbling to walking and talking during this strange quarantine life.

All in a small two-bedroom one-bathroom home with my “office” in the kitchen with nothing but a plastic gate to protect me from the chaos of an almost two-year-old. A gate she has repeatedly tested for weaknesses and often found. The hollering. The climbing. The constant destruction. The heart-melting warmth of hearing a new word for the first time.

So, what do you do? How do you stay sane in an insane world? There are the few obvious techniques like headphones and taking meetings outside when needed, but there’s already so many posts online about that. For me, it’s all about perspective: I get to see my child grow every day during the period of time they do the most of it.

Look, I am not a perfect person and I definitely have those days where I feel I’m on the edge of losing it. And some days where I’m pretty sure I have. But I remind myself that these days are really special. I’ve been able to see my daughter pull herself to a stand. And start walking. And start talking. And I’ve seen it all. Not just pictures sent while I was sitting in an office. Or the brief moments before and after work. I’ve been here for all of it. 

So, what keeps you sane? How can you reframe your perspective? Maybe it’s the slow mornings without having to become a part of the commute and fight for your place in the river of slow-moving cars all trying to do the same. Maybe you get more outdoor time than usual. Perhaps the extra snuggles from a pet or the time to tend to a jungle of plants collected since March of 2020. A midday workout in the garage. A newly discovered hobby or connecting with an old one. Whatever it is, find it, let it center you on those worse days. And remember that those worst days can make the good ones feel that much better.  


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