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International Kinsale Shark Awards


The International Kinsale Shark Award has surfaced at PPK, after swimming all the way here from Ireland.

The Kinsale Shark Award competition has taken place in Kinsale, Ireland for the past 57 years and the majority of 2020 winners are renowned global creative agencies from the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

Judged as the world’s most beautifully designed creative award, we are the only U.S. agency to win this prestigious global honor in 2020 for a radio spot that we created for the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) to make the public aware of a shocking worldwide problem that is killing 73 million sharks each year.

We were inspired to write the spot because of our long-time admiration and respect for sharks and to educate the public on this worldwide problem that could change the balance of our oceans.


Check out the complete list of winners:

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