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Getting Real with PDQ


When you think of PDQ, what do you think of? Is PDQ even on your mind? Your options to eat are endless. So, how do you pick one? And more importantly, what do you do as a brand to stand out?

Luckily, PDQ is Dedicated to Quality… and they have lots of ways to prove it. It starts in their kitchen, where guests have a plain view of real food being made. And then they use only the freshest ingredients, like chicken that’s never been inside a freezer and hand-breaded twice. All this, made-to-order for every guest. 

So, how do we talk about and communicate this to the masses? By getting REAL. 

It started with a brand spot with a simple premise: the beautiful food you see on TV will look exactly like the food you order at PDQ, every time. We showed how PDQ builds a Crispy Chicken sandwich, by building one in a single-tracking shot. No cutaways or pre-built sandwiches with glue and toothpicks. Because we believe that when it comes to satisfying your cravings, what you see should always be what you get.

We then extended this Real Food concept to real PDQ fans and first-timers by creating a series of food review style videos. In a one-day shoot with PPK Productions, we were able to capture 8 real PDQ guests enjoying their favorites and even trying new items. 

For PDQ, the Real Food campaign is a way to lean in on why they are so good. Any restaurant can throw out a blanket statement saying their food is delicious. Only PDQ can prove they are Just Made, Better. 

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